How to Obtain an Education on a Dime and Without Time

Say what? You can get a degree for cheap and without having to waste 5 to 8 hours of your work day in a classroom? Yep. Today the job market is tougher than ever, and you need to have the necessary education in order to obtain the positions you want. However, attending a traditional education program isn’t within everyone’s means. For those wanting a degree by lacking the time and funds, there are a few easy options to help you out:

Fill Out the FAFSA

Students pass up thousands of free dollars each year by not filling out the FAFSA. Traditional and non-traditional students can both receive aid through the FAFSA, and it can sometimes be enough to cover the entire cost of your tuition. Don’t avoid filling out the FAFSA simply because you believe you make to much. You may be surprised by the amount of free educational aid you actually qualify for.

Get Your Degree Online

Online degrees are no new thing. For years now, people have been obtaining degrees through colleges like the University of Phoenix and Sanford Brown. However, it has only been within the last year or so that online degrees have been recognized as just as viable as traditional degree programs.

For those with full-time jobs or unpredictable schedules, attending an online college offer the flexible schedule needed to complete classwork when you want and when you can. With an online degree program, there is no need to waste large portions of your workday in a classroom. You can take tests and complete homework after the kids are asleep or in front of the TV when you get off work.

Apply for Scholarships

Anymore, you don’t need to be a star athlete, a single mom, or have a golden high school transcript to receive scholarships. and are excellent scholarship resources, and you can easily receive $500 to $5,000 in educational assistance by simply writing a 500 word essay.

Other good pieces of advice to abide by include not taking on more classes than you can handle or need to take at any given time. If you don’t want to take 3 classes while also working full-time, then don’t. Your mental health is way more important than burdening yourself. Also, by taking classes that may interest you, but you don’t necessarily need for your degree, you are gaining larger tuition bills. If you come across a subject that interests you, look into free seminars at your local library or check out relevant blogs online.

Having a career you enjoy is important, but sometimes you have to have the necessary education to obtain it. Don’t sell yourself short by avoiding higher education. There are non-restraining and inexpensive ways to obtain a reputable degree that will put you on the right path to securing the job you’ve always wanted.

The preceding was a guest post written by Brandy O. and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Michael Kwan or Beyond the Rhetoric.