What's Up Wednesdays: One Car Family

Every Wednesday, I share some blog posts that I find around the web. Some weeks, I say thanks to the top thinkers on Beyond the Rhetoric. Other weeks, we get a somewhat random collection of topics from a variety of bloggers. This week falls into the latter category.

Trent Hamm of The Simple Dollar starts us off with an entry in his Saving Pennies or Dollars series, discussing the economics of a one car family. Working out the math, taking public transit will almost always be cheaper, but you also have to consider the value you place on your time and on the convenience of having a second vehicle in the family. For my part, working from home, I think I should sell my car.

Working with an entirely different set of numbers is Ray Ebersole. He asks if we can cure diabetes. Speaking from his own experiences, he attests that it is very possible to reduce or reverse the effects of diabetes. He has lost 15-18 pounds in the last month or so, reducing his blood sugar readings by a significant amount over the same period. Kudos, Ray!

Even though we work primarily from home, freelance writers still get out into the real world from time to time. That’s why Alexis Rodrigo has finally printed some business cards. She produced them on her own inkjet printer for now, but plans on taking in a bigger run at a commercial printer when she is “fully committed to the design.” I’d vote to replace the ink illustration (faux photo) with a logo, but that’s totally up to her.

Speaking of crossing over from a digital experience to a human one, Anny Chih describes a Twitter tale wherein she meets someone in real life who she had previously only “met” online. It’s amazing the kinds of connections you can make on the Internet, so long as you’re willing to sift through the noise to find the honest signals.

And continuing with the online sphere is Maggie Brookes. She officially launched and named her new social media strategy business last week, helping folks figure out exactly what it means to “check in” at a location or to become the “mayor” of that location. To that end, her blog will push forward to provide “many useful resources… about social media.” Good luck!