In case you haven’t noticed, I spend a lot of my time on the Internet. Part of it is for work and part of it is for leisure. That serves as the rough theme for this week’s roundup, though I’ve included a couple of posts that have much less to do with the online life. Enjoy!

We start off with the guy that you see at the top of the page. Ed Lau has put together a personal landing page that serves as a central hub for everything he does online. I have an online business card that serves much the same purpose, but I think Ed’s looks better. Maybe it’s time mine gets a refresh.

On the social media side, Vance Sova compares Facebook and Twitter from the perspective of being useful for businesses and list building. He includes a video that was shot at a recent Dot Com Pho gathering. What do you think? Do businesses have more to gain from Twitter or Facebook? What about Google+?

We can all agree that John Chow has always deviated from the norm. He’s not one to be like everyone else, which is why it’s not surprising that his strategy for investing swims against the current too. He says that when everyone else is zigging, it’s probably the best idea for you to be zagging. After all, stocks are at their cheapest after a major crash.

Where were you twenty years ago? Darren Barefoot revisits his past in preparation for his 20-year high school reunion next month, including a video he produced in his senior year. He’s getting “spasms of memories” as he reviews that old footage, reminded of old friends and his once youthful enthusiasm. “It’s a big world out there. Let’s not screw it up.”

And finally, Leo Babauta continues with his minimalist ways by providing us with the Tao of Travel. In short, he says that you should pack lightly, travel with no set agenda, and always “be present” during your explorations. And yes, smile at people and talk to the locals. It’s really the only way you can get a real sense of your destination… even if it happens to be in your own backyard.