Sunday Snippet: Jessica Hische

“The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.”

Life is too short. I understand that we all have bills to pay and mouths to feed, but it is also important that you spend what precious time we have on this planet doing what you love. Work is work, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable.

This is precisely what Jessica Hische is trying to tell us through that quote above. She is a letterer and graphic designer by profession, very much doing what she loves. She likes design, particularly typography, and she would likely be dabbling in that kind of thing even if it wasn’t her career. She also understands that simply doing what you love isn’t enough, but it’s a great place to start.

Speaking for myself, I like to write. Before Beyond the Rhetoric, I had a Geocities site and a simple e-mail newsletter. Neither made any money, but I continued to do it for fun, because it’s what I like to do. I’m not sure writing is a calling for me, but it certainly is a good career choice. It also helps that I write a lot about the Internet and technology these days, both of which are interests of mine anyway.

Jessica is right. Whatever it happens to be that you’re doing in your spare time, whatever it happens to be that you’re doing when you’re procrastinating, that’s likely the latent interest that you should pursue. Lately, I’ve found myself having more fun editing photos and video. Maybe I should start to get more into that creative end of things. I’m also on social networks a fair bit, which I’ve parlayed into a part of my career too.

Doing what you love doesn’t mean loving every moment of it, but it does pay off to pursue your interests. If it’s fun and it can be lucrative, why aren’t you doing it?

Here’s a short interview with Jessica that I found on YouTube. I think creative design suits her.