Sunday Snippet: Stephen T. Colbert

“Fear is just a state of mind, but so is mad cow disease.”

I thought about doing something serious or thought-provoking for this week’s snippet, but my brain needs to take a bit of a rest. Then, I realized that comedy and relaxation need not exclude the provocation of thought.

You might recall the Sunday Snippet highlighting Jon Stewart, but what about his arguably even funnier counterpart? Today, we take a lesson from one Stephen Colbert. Just about everything is just a state of mind; it’s all about perspective.

Yes, the satirical humor is meant to make you laugh — and Colbert is usually pretty successful at that — but you can also learn a few things too. Like the importance of truthiness. Or how any US-born American can run for President (and fail). It’s just a state of mind. How you view the world is very much your reality, even if your reality doesn’t match up with someone else’s.

You may not be able to bend reality, but you can bend your perspective. And that lesson comes by way of the Rev. Sir Dr. Stephen Tiberius Colbert, DFA, Esq.