What's Up Wednesdays: Riot Retrospective

It’s been exactly one week since the Vancouver Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. It’s been exactly one week since downtown Vancouver was brought to ruins. Now, we can look back at the riot with sober eyes and give it the proper retrospective. Normally, I only offer five links, but given the seven day window since game seven, I thought seven links would be oddly appropriate.

In case you missed it, I offered my perspective on the role of social media in bringing the scumbag rioters to justice. The ubiquity of cameras and the intense interconnectedness of today’s online world are really what make the 2011 riot so different from the one in 1994.

Justine Galo provides a response to Camille Cacniao’s public apology. Camille started a new WordPress blog just for the apology, but does not appear to be allowing comments. In short, Justine feels that Camille is selfish and her apology is insincere. Do you agree?

While Ray Ebersole and I don’t always see eye to eye, we can always agree to share our opinions. Ray has some choice words for Vancouver, telling us to “get a grip” and remember to treat hockey as just a game. After all, there’s a Stanley Cup Final loser every year, but we don’t see riots like this in every other city when that happens.

He might be in Calgary, but Buzz Bishop lets us know why the riot happened: because we let them. I’ll admit that Vancouver is probably one of the more liberal cities in the country and we let a lot of things slide. Maybe that paved the way for this riot to happen.

Steffani Cameron took a day to think it over and “what a difference 24 hour makes.” She takes a look back at the riot the day after it happened and feels that the people who caused all that damage “need to pay with their time and their physical labour.”

Speaking of the next day, Cicy Chan gives us a look at Vancouver’s Wall of Love, an impromptu canvas where Vancouverites wrote their messages of hope. It’s amazing how a city can pull together so soon after such chaos.

And finally, Darren Barefoot moves away from the topic of the riot to discuss the 2011-2012 Canucks roster. There are some free agents on there, so we have to decide who we want to keep and who we should let go. We also have to consider the next couple years and the contracts that’ll become due too.

Update: One more quick addition from Katy who shows us what is our Vancouver.