We’re keeping it eclectic this week for What’s Up Wednesdays. I’ve collected quite the range of blog posts, so hopefully there’s a little something for everyone.

Let’s start out with Ed Lau, who has perhaps one of the most timely posts of the collection. You see, game seven of the Stanley Cup finals is set to take place in a few short hours and Ed reminds us that history has already been made. It’s been a fantastic playoff run for the Canucks and, win or lose, we’re proud of our home team. We’re just banking on a win. Go Canucks Go!

While it may be true that the students are out of school for the summer, such is not the case for our friend Ray Ebersole. He’s already in the middle of a very busy work schedule at school, having “every minute of the day” already scheduled and planned for over a month! He’s training summer school teachers, setting up a move of the school’s admin, offering tech support for teacher training and more. Believe it or not, schools continue to be active even in the summer!

You might be wondering about the odd picture at the top of this post. That comes by way of John Bardinelli. He’s feeling nostalgic, so he recently dug up Scooby-Doo! Classic Creep Capers on the Game Boy Color. This kick of nostalgia was brought on by the coming of the virtual console to the Nintendo 3DS. I think we all started to feel the same kind of way when the Virtual Console hit the Wii and when Xbox Live Arcade brought some retro classics back to the forefront too.

It’s not very often that you see a guest post on Hummingbird604, but Dianne Chow is on there this week to cover Eat! Vancouver 2011, the food and cooking festival. I’ve been to this festival in previous years and it’s always good fun. Check out Dianne’s coverage for the latest in kitchen gadgets, peanut butter, and beef jerky.

And finally, we have Tyler Ingram. He’s always out shooting interesting photos and this week is no exception. It’s not every day that you see pirate ships in Vancouver, but that’s precisely what Tyler managed to capture. They were apparently part of some special event in Richmond and Tyler spotted them as the ships were making their way between English Bay and Second Beach. Cruise ships these most certainly are not.