Forte Orange Business Hotel (Linsen), Taipei

At the request of one Jeff Cutler, I am providing a brief video tour of my hotel room here in Taipei. Stephen and I are staying at the Forte Orange business hotel, Linsen location for the duration of Computex. The site is in Chinese, but you can switch to English near the top-right corner and then you can select the Linsen location from the menu.

There were several factors that went into the decision to stay at this hotel. First, we wanted relatively easy access to the Taipei Metro. The subway makes for really easy transportation to most of the places you’d want to go in the city. Second, budget was naturally a concern. We wanted a good value. Third, the hotel had to have in-room Internet access and Forte Orange provides that as a complimentary service to its guests.

Naturally, based on the price (<$100/night, if I recall correctly), we didn't expect the world. The room at the relatively modest Forte Orange Business Hotel is a far cry from the large suite we had at the Agora Garden Taipei or at the Wynn Encore in Las Vegas. That said, it gives us what we need and at a decent price. Forte Orange definitely has its quirks though.

When Susanne arrives next week (and Stephen leaves), I’ll be moving over to another hotel. Do you want to see a video tour there as well?