Well, another month has come and gone, so let’s have a look at who had the most to say in the month of May on Beyond the Rhetoric. This blog certainly wouldn’t be the same if it were not for the comments from my valued readers!

Not surprisingly, Ray Ebersole once again tops the list for contributing the greatest number of comments last month. Over on his own blog, he has quite an extensive post on why four-year-olds don’t belong in kindergarten. This is an ongoing debate in the education field and it brings up the socioeconomic ramifications of preschool too. Are they really ready for school?

Our friend Betshopboy is back to his running ways again. Most recently, he provided his results from the Sundown Marathon 2011. He finished the half marathon with a time of 1:42, putting him in 51st place overall. That’s faster than 5498 other participants, meaning that Chee Wee is in the 99th percentile. That’s remarkably impressive! Kudos!

Cell phone enthusiast Sourish also made the cut. On his site, he talks a lot about the iPhone 4 jailbreak and how you can do it, but do you really know what is jailbreaking in the first place? It’s a term that gets thrown around a lot when you hang out in iCircles with your iPhone-touting iFriends, but there are many misconceptions about what it entails and what it does.

Used Tires has a blog that is about, you guessed it, used tires. The site mostly discusses how you can acquire used tires for your car, why they might be a better deal than buying new tires, and so on, but there’s more to it too. When that rubber meets the end of its useful life beneath a vehicle, it can still continue being useful in other ways. After all, it’s so much better to reuse than to recycle. Tires don’t have to end up in the landfills.

And rounding out the top five is Komodo Dragon. Just like Used Tires, Komodo Dragon is awfully descriptive… he has a site about komodo dragons. While there, you can read about their habitat and conservation efforts, as well as more intimate details about their reproductive behaviors. Go ahead and cue the reptilian version of “boom chika wah wah” music, if that happens to be your kind of thing. I’m not here to judge.