What Would Jeff Cutler Eat? This, Apparently

Every Wednesday, I give back to the blogging community by sharing links to a few other blogs around the Internet. Some of these I find myself; others are submitted to me via Twitter. This week’s spread ranges from good food to keeping your mouth shut.

Like me, Jeff Cutler primarily makes his living by “writing stuff” and people paying him to do so. He also organizes a range of events, including a recent tweetup. In his post, he briefly recaps what went down and the value to be gained by doing so. Dot Com Pho is similar, but on a much more casual level.

Food may have been secondary in Jeff’s post, but it takes center stage in the post on Your Daily Slif. Russ shows off the Alaskan king crab dinner that he enjoyed at Sun Sui Wah in Vancouver. It was more expensive than he expected, but you really only indulge in this delicacy once a year. Money well spent!

Nate Whitehill is probably better known as an Internet entrepreneur, but he’s no stranger to good food either. He showcases his five favorite Seattle restaurants, ranging from sushi to burgers, Mediterranean to pizza. For breakfast? He says you gotta go to Bang Bang Cafe. What a name!

To be productive is to burn the midnight oil, right? Maybe not. Tony Kwan reminds us that the secret to the ultra-productive may be to take naps. Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill and John D. Rockefeller all took regular power naps. Tony’s solution is to take what he calls caffeine naps. That’s an interesting concept to consider.

Remember that quote from Plato? Ray Ebersole turns to Confucius for a related tidbit of wisdom: “Silence is a friend that will never betray.” Some things don’t need to be said, so don’t say them. Before you open your mouth and blurt out something unnecessary, stop to think and digest the thought first.