Life is very much about the journey and not the destination, but you need to know which way you are heading. Sometimes, it really does pay to give some attention to the destination and that serves as the topic for this week’s speedlink. Let’s see what the blogosphere has to offer.

We start out with Ray Ebersole, continuing the political theme that I started yesterday. He completely understands the notion of voter apathy, based on how politicians view their constituents. We don’t have to put up with lies and false promises, but that’s exactly what we have been doing for years.

On a lighter note, we turn our attention to Dilara Litonjua for her perspective on destination weddings. They can be great with exotic locales and beautiful sandy beaches, but they can also be troublesome for a number of other reasons. Susanne and I thought about it, but we figured it was better to stay in Vancouver since that’s where the majority of our family lives.

Charnita Fance recognizes the power of Twitter, but the microblogging platform can be a little too public. So, check out the seven different ways to have private group chats via Twitter that she suggests. Remember, these are group chats; direct messages only work between pairs of people. Alternatively, you can use just about any other messaging platform for group chats too.

Aimee from Foximus gives some straightforward tips on how to live frugally and sensibly. Just because you want to be smart with how you spend your money doesn’t mean that you have to skimp out on the little luxuries in life. You just have to know where to find the right savings, including food, shelter, and medicine.

Darren Barefoot is just a little over a quarter of the way through his One Year, One Canadian project. April is going to be a tough month, because this is when he vows to only watch Canadian movies and TV. Considering the amount of American media that the world (ourselves included) consume each day, this could prove to be Darren’s toughest challenge to date. Even more challenging than Canadian toothpaste!