By Daily Slif

Every Wednesday, I take the opportunity to give back to the blogging community that has given me so much over the years. This week, I take a quick tour of five different blogs. From some great food to some useful photography tips, there’s bound to be something for everyone. Enjoy!

We start out by paying a visit to Ray Ebersole. He recognizes the pervasiveness of Facebook and feels that it may be useful to teach students how to best utilize the social networking tool. However, he reminds us that we should teach the teachers first, since many of them have already gotten themselves in trouble through the site.

Stacey Robinsmith is probably better known for his political blogging, but his personal blog offers a different perspective altogether. For instance, he recently took a business trip to Victoria and stayed at the Fairmont Empress Gold. He was very pleased with the room, particularly the large desk with plenty of electrical outlets. As a business traveler myself, I can’t emphasize enough how important those outlets can be!

Russ is the guy behind The Daily Slif. His food blog is where I nabbed the picture at the top of this post and it comes from his dining adventures at Lotus of Siam in Las Vegas. Service was top notch and the food looks pretty darn appetizing too. Vegas restaurants can be very hit and miss, so it’s good that he found a hit. Those garlic prawns look great!

Ed S. has a guest blog up on Dragon Blogger describing five tech skills you learn in elementary school. Make sure you don’t pass along your yucky viruses to your friends, share your goodies with your classmates, and write as neatly as possible so everyone can understand you. Fundamentals, people!

Wayne Yuan is sharing his advice at the Digital Photography School, this week describing no fewer than ten different techniques for amazing portraits. I haven’t really explored portrait photography too much with my camera, but it’ll certainly start to come into consideration as my special day approaches later this year. Good thing I have a professional on the job!