With the end of his run as the Governor of California right around the corner, Arnold Schwarzenegger is left wondering what to do with the rest of his life. As such, rumors have been swirling around the Internet about his return to the entertainment industry.

Was he going to tell us to get to the chopper? Was he going to ask about our daddies and what they did? Was he going to assert the non-tumor nature of his condition? What about a new Terminator, Predator, or even the Last Action Hero? Well, the tale of his acting career has now taken a turn for the ridiculous, which almost seems obvious in hindsight.

Let’s face it. “Ah-nald” is not the same physical specimen that he once was, so he may not be able to pull off the same physical style of acting. Instead, the Governator is back in a new animated series. Sadly, this is not an April Fools’ Day joke. It’s very much for real and the upcoming Governator animated series is pretty much a parody of his real life.

As the premise goes, the on-screen Governator (much like his real life counterpart) is done serving as Governor of California. However, instead of going back to a civilian life, he dons a crazy mechanical suit and fights crime. No joke. The trailer is embedded below and you can quite plainly see a lot of “borrowed inspiration” from Tron, Transformers, the Matrix, Minority Report, and Iron Man, as well as Terminator. Even Larry King makes a cameo appearance. Old guys gotta stick together.

The Governator animated series is coming some time in 2012. In the meantime, fans of superheroes and battling bad guys might want to check out the new X-Men anime series from Japan too. Somehow, that holds more promise I think.