Yuzu Pork Loin by Ed Lau

Each week, I gather together several blog posts that I have read and feel are worth sharing. If you have something you’d like to share, it’s best to follow me on Twitter and send me a line on Tuesdays. On with the speedlink!

Jeff Cutler has a secondary blog called Bowl of Cheese, where he provides “not so gentle ramblings about the inane and insane.” A recent entry has him describing his cutlets, which consist of random thoughts crossing his mind… like the intelligence of cats. It’s been a while since I’ve done a Random Musings entry here; maybe I should start again.

Ed Lau continues on the theme of cutlets with his write-up on the 2011 Healthy Chef Competition. See that beautiful yuzu marmalade-glazed pork loin above? That is just one of the many dishes Ed and Lesley enjoyed at the competition. Healthy and delicious need not be mutually exclusive.

Jennifer Welsh offers a different take on the lifestyle of Generation Y folks. She says that they are not slackers; they’re just slow starters. It’s harder to get out of parental support for this age group, but they may be better adults in the long run as a result?

Chris Bibey is a fellow freelance writer who I respect a great deal. In a recent post, he addresses the situation of meeting a client in person. I do most of my contact via e-mail and instant messenger, but sometimes real-world meetings can become necessary. How do you handle it?

Tony Kwan (no relation, though you might remember him from a Dot Com Pho episode a while back) allows us to better understand the three types of people in the world. He doesn’t see optimists, but he does replace “impracticals” with “visionaries.” These are people who aim for 12, but end up with an 8 or 9. Shoot for the stars and, even if you come up short, you might hit the moon.