HDR by Buzz Bishop

Every week, I share some interesting blog posts that I happened to have read. Most of the time, much like today, the collection of posts is decidedly eclectic, approaching a range of different subject areas. Hopefully, there’s a little something for everyone.

Free Money Finance starts us off with what has quickly become an age-old question: rent or buy. Conventional wisdom will say that buying a house is a good investment, but this may not always be true. Does the new rule of thumb make sense to you?

Buzz Bishop is a radio deejay, so he knows a thing or two about popular music. With the rise of autotune, he’s also started to notice a similar trend in photography with HDR and tilt-shift. My Olympus has a “diorama” mode that mimics tilt-shift photography.

Michael Martine offers an interesting perspective on your job choice. Based on a quote by Jerry Garcia, he reminds us that simply being the best isn’t enough. You need to be the only one who does what you do. Don’t know what to call it? That makes you an original!

Therese Borchard chimes in on a topic that is all too familiar to me. Are you stressed out working from home? You’re not alone. People from the outside looking in seem to think that working from home is hardly work. Go ahead and try it for a year, then get back to me.

Zac Johnson finishes off this session with a quick list of ways to contact Google Adsense. It can oftentimes be difficult to get in touch with a real human being when dealing with such a large organization, but as publishers (and advertisers), we need that kind of contact from time to time.