Disney World (Ray Ebersole)

Most weeks, the collection of blog posts that I share on What’s Up Wednesdays is pretty eclectic. Today’s speedlink is equally varied, but it runs on a bit of a common theme: young ones and the young at heart. Enjoy!

Ray Ebersole has been on vacation for the last little, heading over to Disney World in Florida. Unfortunately, his value resort experience has left more than a bitter taste in his mouth. Stay away from Value Pop Century Resort.

Stephen Fung offers us a brief glimpse into a typical day for Lexi Fung. She may only be six months old, but Lexi has already been put to work by her slave driver of a father. She’ll be reviewing motherboards in no time.

Tyler Ingram knew about the one year anniversary of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and how they were relighting the torch to commemorate the date. However, he didn’t know that they only lit it for one day. His youthful spirit sunk when he learned that it costs $10,000 a day to keep that thing burning.

Buzz Bishop is still adjusting to Calgary life, but he’s quickly learning about some of the local hotspots. For example, he has just discovered the best tobogganing hill in the city for his two young ones. Zacharie looks like he very much enjoys “boganning” in the St. Andrews Heights area.

Dilara Litonjua may have a blog on haute destination weddings, but she takes a moment to recognize Heart Month. She’s encouraging you to support the Heart & Stroke Foundation of BC and Yukon (or your local equivalent) to help them increase awareness of heart health issues. We all want to live long and happy lives, right?