Sunday Snippet: Justin Trudeau

“Knowing when to be silent is as important as knowing when to say the right kinds of things.”

You could almost say that the above quote from MP Justin Trudeau is related to another saying: It is better to keep silent and look the fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

The context of the quote is that of Justin Trudeau’s Twitter account. As one of the youngest members of parliament, he’s probably among the most tech-savvy too. I’m not sure how far along he is on the Twitter evolutionary scale, but I’d imagine that the majority of Ottawa’s politicians aren’t terribly active on the social media scene (though that is clearly shifting in many spheres of politics around the world).

Another way to think about the quote, which may not have been Justin’s original intention, is that remaining silent provides you with a better opportunity to listen. As a politician, it is just as (if not important) to listen to your constituents than it is to open your mouth and spout about with your own personal agenda.

To some extent, Justin may never emerge from the considerable shadow of his father and former Canadian Prime Minster Pierre Trudeau, but he’s certainly making an attempt to make a sizable impact of his own. Even if it involves stirring up controversy with a fur-lined Christmas card.