Valentine's Day Ideas on a Budget

Now you’ve done it. If you are reading this post, then you may have landed yourself in your some hot water with the little lady in your life. Don’t panic. You’ve still got a smidgen of time to spare, because here are five Valentine’s Day gift ideas that you can get in a pinch. Better still, they’re cheap frugal options for blokes on a budget.

1. The Loving Poem

The pen is indeed mightier than the Godiva chocolate and Swarovski crystal. Okay, that might take a little convincing, but taking the time to put together a well-composed love letter (or better still, a love poem) should earn you more than a few brownie points.

The good news is that writing this letter (or poem) won’t cost you a thing. The bad news is that you’re in an awful rush to write it now.

2. The Romantic Dinner

Most fine dining restaurants put out special Valentine’s Day menus that are a little pricier than the regular fare. That can put a pretty big dent in your wallet and, worse yet, you may be out of luck when it comes to reservations.

So, what can you do? If you’re more of an expert in the kitchen, I’m sure she’ll appreciate a nice, romantic, home-cooked meal. Grab a couple candles from the dollar store, slave over a hot stove, and earn your way to her heart through her stomach.

3. The Chick Flick

Curl up to a movie of her choosing and have a quiet, romantic evening at home. She’ll certainly appreciate your submission to watching yet another romantic comedy with the same storyline we’ve seen a thousand times before. Better still, see if you can borrow it from the public library. That’s free.

4. The Thoughtful Coupon Book

When it comes to V-Day ideas, this is one of the more common ones. However, instead of offering the faux coupon book for hugs and kisses, actually give her coupons that she might want; has she been nagging you to fix the fence? This might be a tough one for you to swallow, but you can tell her that the coupons are redeemable at any time, meaning you have to drop whatever you’re doing to fulfill the coupon when she asks you to do so.

5. The Box of Pandora?

Tradition would dictate that jewelry makes a good Valentine’s Day present. She might also appreciate shiny things on your anniversary, her birthday, and other special occasions. Well, she needs somewhere to stash all that stuff, right?

Getting a decent jewelry box isn’t all that expensive and you can earn extra brownie points by getting one that is personalized. It doesn’t have to be specific to you two; if there is something with her first initial, that’s already a bonus.

It’s the Thought that Counts

Never mind that your thought only came in at the last minute. At least you still cared enough to think at all!