Before we get started with the usual weekly speedlink, I want to make a brief announcement.

You might remember my review of MEGATechNews a few years ago. Well, I have been asked to take over the editorial and management duties of that gadget-focused site. It’s getting a major relaunch with plenty of push from the developers (and advertisers), so expect lots of exciting things in the months to come. Be sure to follow along on the appropriate social media channels too.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the top thinkers of January 2011 on Beyond the Rhetoric. These are the folks who have posted the greatest number of blog comments in the preceding month. Not surprisingly, we’re seeing a lot of familiar (virtual) faces.

Ray Ebersole leads the pack for the umpteenth time. Over on his own blog, he offers a personal story on why schools are not babysitters and how he was able to step in to help a young man find his way. That human connection (and mentorship) is so important.

D3so comes up next, outlining his goals for 2011. From building a strong readership to increasing his blog income, many of his goals are definitely related to the world of online work. I’d encourage him to be as measurable as possible with these goals. This makes them much easier to track.

Used tires, while reasonably active posting comments here (much appreciated!), still hasn’t gotten around to updating his own blog. That said, older entries like the one on how to sell old tires are still relevant and worth reading if you’re in that situation.

Betshopboy is in a similar situation, so he must be busy training for marathons again. So, let’s take a step back in time and check out his recent trip to a theme park, complete with rides, unique architecture, and likely overpriced theme park food. 🙂

Addurbusiness is an online business directory (“add ur business”), but it also happens to have a blog. Back in October, they posted up an article on real estate growth in developing nations. China and India immediately come to mind. Egypt, for the time being, might not be as much of a consideration in this regard.