Citizen Media Makers, by Jeff Cutler

Every Wednesday, I gather together a collection of blog posts from around the Internet that I think are worth reading. Some of these are suggested to me by their respective authors (feel free to tweet me on Tuesdays with your links), while others are saved in my Google Reader for this exact purpose. Here is today’s speedlink selection. Enjoy!

Tanya Desrosiers, who some of you may remember as Netchick or Tanya Davis, recently revealed her dirty little secret on her blog. She has broken the 200 pound threshold. Tanya never thought she’d see that number on the scale and she fully intends on never seeing it again. Weight loss can be a struggle, but we’re all here for your moral support.

Ray Ebersole has been updating his blog a little more often lately, which means that he has all kinds of great content for you to read. One of his recent posts provides a simple, but poignant observation: to listen, you must be silent. Sometimes, you need to get beyond your own voice and listen to what others have to say.

Jeff Cutler, like me, was over in Las Vegas to cover the Consumer Electronics Show last week. He’s recognizing that there are more citizen media makers in recent years, possibly diluting the “real coverage” that “real journalists” can provide. What do you think? Is that a fair observation?

Derek Semmler is something of a WordPress ninja. He’s a real pro when it comes to customizing the popular blogging platform and, this week, he has a great tip for all the Thesis Theme users in the audience. Want to know how to hide 301 redirects from your search results? All it takes is a quick copy-paste of some PHP code.

Joseph Planta has been focusing primarily on his (audio) interviews lately, but he’s going back to the keyboard with a new (written) post describing great books on British Columbia. We live in a beautiful province with a rich history and the list of books reflects that. From a history of CKNW to a history of Vancouver’s sex trade, they’re all worth a read.