In yesterday’s post about CES 2011 in Las Vegas, I mentioned that I might have some cool trade show swag to share with Beyond the Rhetoric readers. Well, I am now coming through on that promise. You want some free stuff right?

As you might remember, I held a similar contest after CES 2011 last year and it seemed to be pretty popular. I’ve collected some pretty good prizes to give away in this year’s contest, so let’s get down to what’s up for grabs.

What Can I Win? Prize Pack #1

The first prize pack consists of:

  • Kingston HyperX t-shirt (large, grey)
  • MyBat Mobile Accessories canvas bag (red)
  • Samsung solar charger case with set of iGo tips
  • Targus stylus for iPad
  • Pepcom and Spot Connect USB flash drives

The CES 2011 swag bag prize pack #1 will go to a single winner.

How Can I Enter?

And that’s the easy part. Log into your Facebook account, then go over to the official Beyond the Rhetoric Facebook page and click on the “like” button, as shown above. If you’ve already “liked” the page, you’re already entered.

Don’t have a Facebook account? Then post a comment in this blog post saying why you deserve to get these prizes and I’ll include you in the running.

Tipping Point: Prize Pack #2

Wait. I did say prize pack #1 above, didn’t I? That’s because there could be a second prize pack up for grabs too.

CES 2011 swag bag prize pack #2 consists of:

  • Motorola Life M-Powered tablet carrying case
  • Motorola Portable Charger P790
  • Absolute Software LoJack black t-shirt (large)
  • Targus and Scosche USB flash drives
  • Pepcom glow-in-the-dark skull bead necklace

So, how does the second prize pack come into play? Well, we have to reach a tipping point. As I write this contest blog post, the Beyond the Rhetoric Facebook page has 187 people who “like” it. In order for the second prize pack to become available, we must reach at least 250 “likes” for the Facebook page.

You can help us reach that tipping point. After you “like” the page, you’ll notice a link in the sidebar where you can suggest the page to your friends. Share the BTR Facebook page with them, encourage them to “like” it too, and we’ll get that much closer to the 250 tipping point.

It is in your best interest, after all, since your odds will increase with the introduction of a second prize pack.

Good Luck!

This CES swag bag giveaway contest is open until 11:59pm PST on January 31, 2011. Anyone in the world with reasonable postal service is eligible to enter. These rules are, of course, subject to change at any time, but I don’t foresee any complications.

While it’s not at all required, I encourage you to share this contest with your friends via Twitter, e-mail, or whatever form of communication you prefer. After all, you want to reach that tipping point to open up the second prize pack. The more people who know about this contest (and enter), the better!