Filipino BBQ Pork (Photo by Minna Van, The Network Hub)

As you may have heard, I’m currently in Las Vegas for CES. I’ll be surrounded by the techie types for the next few days, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the blogosphere revolves around tablets and 3D TVs. Sometimes, it’s just better to savour life’s little pleasures.

Courtney Carver starts off this week’s speedlink with precisely that sentiment, giving us some guidance on how we can live in the land of enough. And you can do that with the simple act of saying thank you. In her own words, “Gratitude makes everything smell sweeter, taste better and feel softer. Being thankful for something is like enjoying that something all over again.”

Minna Van can also recognize life’s little pleasures. In this case, it’s about having a nice meal. She recently paid a visit to Little Ongpin, a “homey little restaurant” that serves a range of Filipino food. She particularly enjoyed the barbecue pork. While having a similar style to some other Asian-style BBQ meats, the Filipino BBQ was juicier and had a “sweet and smoky marinade to boot.”

Josh Rimer can be found all over YouTube, both as a content producer and as a video watcher. It is in the role of both that he is happy to see skippable ads coming to the popular video sharing site soon. It’s also possible that the Google property will start offering an “ad selector” option for the pre-roll video advertisements, similar to what you may have already experienced on Hulu. More relevance, more revenue.

Rebecca Bollwitt can sometimes be seen going on a photowalk in and around Vancouver, but one of her recent posts features a photowalk in Iowa. She’s been over in that part of the United States visiting with her husband’s family and it really does look like “Anytown, USA.” The colonial architecture and freshly fallen snow really do make for a nice, peaceful atmosphere.

John White takes a moment to reflect on 2010 and the four lessons he learned as a freelancer during that time. Like John, I also experienced a dip in income, but it was not enough to motivate me to go back into the regular workforce. As a freelancer, you need to build and tend to your cushion.

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