A Second Look at My 2010 Predictions

As I gazed into the crystal ball nearly 12 full months ago, I made ten predictions for 2010. Now that we are in the final week of the calendar year, I thought it would be appropriate to take a look back and see how I did.

1. Swine Flu Squeals: I said that H1N1 got blown completely out of proportion and, in the grand scheme of things, the so-called swine flu is going to end up a small blip on the world health radar. I’d say I was right on that front.

2. Tweets Make Money: Paid tweets gained a fair bit of traction in 2010, not only from Sponsored Tweets, but also alternatives like MyLikes. I wouldn’t say that they became big money-makers for too many people, but they did much more commonplace.

3. Google Waves Hello: Google Wave was the talk of the social media town at the beginning of 2010. Unfortunately for the search engine giant, that buzz (no pun intended) pretty much fizzled. Google waves goodbye to Wave.

4. Apple Tablet Launches: The iPad not only made its official debut in 2010, it opened up a huge can of tablet-flavored worms. The popular iDevice is dominating its niche, but it’s on the cusp of facing some big competition from Samsung, Motorola, RIM, Asus, and others.

5. Canada Wins Gold: It was a long time coming, but the Canadian men’s hockey team finally won Olympic gold on home soil. The entire city of Vancouver celebrated in unison, along with millions of Canadians across the country.

6. Saints Win Super Bowl: Sticking with sports, I put my money on Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints to hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy and, sure enough, they defeated the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV. This year, the Saints find themselves fighting for a playoff spot.

7. Interest Rates Escalate: I was optimistic that the economy would see an upswing and interest rates would rise to reflect that. I was wrong. Interest rates, for the most part, are still very low, both for mortgages and for savings accounts. That said, Vancouver real estate is still as unaffordable as ever.

8. Up Misses Cut: Pixar’s Up was a fantastic movie and, while it was nominated for the Best Picture Oscar, it failed to win the most prized of Academy Awards. The golden statue went to The Hurt Locker instead.

9. Touch Dominates All: The iPhone is popular. The iPad is popular. And so are the tons of other touchscreen-centric smartphones, tablets, and other devices that have infiltrated the market in 2010. That trend will surely continue through 2011 with more Android phones and other touchscreen-equipped gadgetry getting even more traction.

10. System Rumors Surface: No PS4, Xbox 720, or Wii2 systems just yet, but we did see the Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360 and PS Move for PlayStation 3. They’re not exactly new systems, but they give the respective consoles at least a couple more years of life.

So, taking a look back at my 2010 predictions, it seems that I have seven or eight out of ten correct (depending on how you assess #10). To be fair, not too many of my predictions went that far out on a limb. Did you make any predictions for 2010? How did you do?