Tassimo Brewed Cappuccino

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, then you’ll know that I recently received a Bosch T45 Suprema brewbot from the kind folks at Tassimo Canada. A new coffeemaker wasn’t exactly on my Christmas wish list this year, but who am I to turn down a free brewer?

The idea behind these Tassimo machines, much like their Keurig and Nespresso counterparts, is that they can give you a perfect cup of coffee with the press of a button. The Tassimo system uses t-discs and it’s the only system with barcodes. It’s also the only system of its kind, at least for now, that can offer milk-based products like lattes and cappuccinos.

Whether you choose to drink coffee to control your snacking, stay awake through the working day, or even to fight dementia, it certainly helps when you can conveniently brew up a fresh cup in a matter of minutes. That’s the main appeal of the Tassimo system, after all: convenience and simplicity.

Based on my early experience with the machine, I find that the “shelf stable milk products” end up tasting somewhat buttery and rather salty. It’s almost like you’re making a cappuccino with buttermilk rather than, well, regular milk. I’m not completely sold on this system just yet and I still prefer the old-fashioned way of making a cup of coffee, but you can’t beat the convenience.

In any case, I’ve put up a couple of videos on YouTube: one is an unboxing and the other shows me making a cup of the Nabob cappuccino, the latter of which actually needs two separate t-discs used in tandem. If you’re reading this blog post in an RSS aggregator or via e-mail subscription, you will likely need to come to the original blog post to view the videos. Cheers.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should note that while I was provided with both the Brewbot and the starter t-disc packages by Tassimo Canada free of charge, I was not paid for this blog post (or the videos) and was not obligated to provide them with any coverage whatsoever.