Amazon Kindle (by John Biehler)

Every Wednesday, I gather up some blog posts that piqued my interest in the preceding week and then I share these posts with the Beyond the Rhetoric community. The Internet is a vast and overwhelming place, so I think it’s good to get a little direction from time to time as to what you should be reading. Here is this week’s collection. Grab a coffee, kick your feet up (but not too high) and have a good read.

Morten Rand-Hendriksen, for whatever reason, likes to think of himself as the Social Media Viking. He also happens to be a WordPress expert, so he has put together an advent calendar of WordPress tweaks and customizations. One of the most recent shows you how to create new widgetized areas, both within and outside of the sidebar. If you feel like learning, his 24 days of WordPress are a good place to start.

Ray Ebersole continues along a similar theme, reminding us that learning isn’t just for students. When you look at a school district, the children aren’t the only ones learning something. For instance, Ray learns daily about how to deal with different people at different levels. Everyone needs to be treated as an individual and this approach needs to be sincere.

Josh Rimer happens to know a thing or two about making and promoting online videos. That’s why he’s letting us know about three deadly video mistakes that you can make with your YouTube-fueled endeavors. These tips come by way of Patrick Starzan, VP of Marketing from Funny or Die, so they do carry quite a bit of weight. For instance, you might think that you know your market, but you probably don’t. It pays to be vigilant and adjust your strategy as needed.

Darren Barefoot, like the rest of us, is a pretty busy guy. He just doesn’t have the time to watch every movie that hits the silver screen. That’s why it’s so much easier watching 270 movies in six minutes. All kidding aside, this is quite a clever compilation of some of the biggest films of 2010, including Kick-Ass, Iron Man 2, and The Social Network.

John Biehler is just as enthusiastic about technology as I am. Even though he is very happy with his Apple iPad, John also points out that you may still want to consider an e-book reader too. It’s not an either/or argument, because you just might want to have both products and that’s exactly what John has done. The e-paper display of eReaders are typically easier on the eyes for extended periods of time, for example.