Another month has come and gone, so it’s time once again to recognize the people who help to make Beyond the Rhetoric what it is. I may be the principal author on this blog, but it’s the people who help to continue the conversation through the comments section. So, who topped the list for November 2010? You’ll recognize some of the familiar faces.

Ray Ebersole is the top dog again and he’s a friend of Beyond the Rhetoric, tried and true. Over on his own blog, he lets us know about some real life lessons that don’t need technology or school. For instance, he recounts his experience with a blind man selling peanuts outside a Philadelphia Flyers game. He was happy as could be.

D3so is a guy who is really into Internet marketing and all that jazz. In one of his most recent posts, he discusses how to choose the best post title. Having a good title for your blog posts can make a big difference with your readership and search engine optimization.

P90x has a blog about workouts, fitness, and the P90X system. In addition to the actual exercise, it’s also important to consider what you do before breakfast and what you eat for breakfast. Nutrition matters!

Used tires recognizes that there is value in buying “previously enjoyed” rubber for your cars, but you also have to know how to dispose of them when you’re done too. Mother Nature will thank you later.

Book buy back is not only a handy place for you to sell your own textbooks; you can also win an Apple a day while you’re at it. They’re giving away iPods, iPads, and even a MacBook Air! Other folks get iTunes gift cards too.