What's Up Wednesdays: Girlfriends, Wants, and Being Cheap

Every Wednesday, I take a stroll through the virtual blogosphere and collect five blog posts that caught my eye. I then share these posts with the Beyond the Rhetoric audience. There’s no real focus or theme to this week’s collection, but each article is worth a read in its own right. Enjoy!

Enkay Blog is getting his sleeping bag and overnight gear ready. That’s because Black Friday is this week and you just might have to camp out overnight to score the best deals. He knows of a 40-inch LCD TV at Target, for example, selling for under $300.

RT Cunningham from Untwisted Vortex has noticed some major changes in the English language. For example, what does it mean to be single these days? For him, someone who’s never been married is single. For today’s younger generation, having a (steady) boyfriend or girlfriend nullifies your single status.

Scott Young does not agree with Bunker Hunt’s two-step policy for success. He says it’s perfectly acceptable if you don’t know exactly what you want, because you can still move towards an approximate goal. Just make sure you have the right ingredients in place.

Damien Riley is a very busy guy with many projects on his plate. Even so, he’s finding the time to launch his new blog project on faith. His other blogs may discuss education, for instance, so perhaps it’s for the best that he separates the subject matter. Good luck, Damien!

Dough Roller brings up a very interesting observation. At what point do you stop being frugal and just become cheap. It can be a very slippery slope, going from clipping the occasional coupon to refusing to buy something you really do need to buy. Saving money is smart, but how far is too far?