Another week, another speedlink! Every Wednesday, I gather up five great blog posts from around the Internet to share with the Beyond the Rhetoric community. If you’ve got something that you want to share, then you’ll want to hit me up on Twitter to let me know. On with this week’s list…

Jeff Cutler is pretty savvy when it comes to electronics and gadgetry. He also gets excited about this kind of stuff. So, what’s the latest gadget that has him stoked? The keyboard. It may sound simple enough, but it has made his mobile blogging journey a heck of a lot easier.

Robert Park has some interesting observations to share. More specifically, he’s letting us know about some quirks that may not last in China. For instance, he’s encountered skinny girls who are yearning to be fat. How’s that for flipping the cultural stereotype on its head?

Tyler Ingram is known to take some pretty great pictures. For instance, check out his shot of Vancouver at night. He admits that it’s not the sharpest, but the Lion’s Gate Bridge is quite the eye-catcher. Photos like these really remind us just how beautiful our city really is, don’t you think?

Ed Lau also happens to be quite the avid photographer, as you may already know. He went down to Victory Square in Downtown Vancouver for Remembrance Day, getting some great shots of veterans, attendees, and even creepy Santa Claus. Yeah, he’s pretty creepy.

Bernie Yee finishes off this speedlink with his unique take on selling lotion. That’s right. Bernie sells lotion to random strangers and he’s more than happy to do it. It can get stressful at times, but this is lotion… so he’s finding it quite tolerable.