While it is certainly true that when you make more money, you likely also spend more money, I think most of us would agree that it would be a good problem to have. With that in mind, today’s speedlink is completely focused on the almighty dollar. Money might not buy you happiness, but it can buy you that yacht to get your happiness-adjacent.

Zac Johnson is an accomplished online entrepreneur with quite a varied portfolio. While much of his effort is centered around the United States, he also recognizes the role of English in the global web. Not everyone reads English, so what money are you leaving on the table by not offering alternative versions in other languages?

Tricia Duryee is keeping her ears to the ground and her eyes on the horizon. That’s why she’s talking about five major mobile trends she’ll be watching, like the comeback of Microsoft with the launch of Windows Phone 7. Will this make a Windows smartphone relevant again or will it still play second fiddle to iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android?

Lisa Carter understands the importance of publicity and you oftentimes have to take matters into your own hands. However, how far should you go with your shameless self-promotion? Lisa encourages you to cast a wide net and be professional, but don’t offer more than you can deliver and don’t over-promote yourself either. People can only take so much.

Justin Germino, who also goes by Dragon Blogger, is pretty active in the social sphere. Sharing links is fun, but what if you could share multiple links on Twitter instead? BridgeUrl does exactly that, allowing you to send a single link that contains multiple webpages. This can be great for portfolios, multiple affiliate links, and countless other possibilities.

Chris Foley has some interesting ideas for how you can make some extra cash online. Tech-savvy folks can flip websites, wordy types can be freelance writers, and entrepreneurs can try finding a new niche. The Internet is full of opportunities and possibilities. You just have to find where you fit into the mix.