The Top Thinkers of Beyond the Rhetoric

Most months, I try my best to dedicate at least one post a month to the top thinkers on this site. These are the wonderful people who come by to share their comments, adding to the discussion and providing their insight. For that, I am very thankful.

For the month of October 2010, I see five familiar faces. Let’s see what they’ve been talking about on their own respective sites, both recently and a little further into the past.

Ray Ebersole tops the list for number of comments once again. Earlier this year, he chimed in with his opinion on the whole Conan O’Brien fiasco, saying that he understands NBC’s decision (even if it wasn’t a popular one). Next week, “Team Coco” returns to late night television. I guess everyone came out a winner there (except NBC).

Betshopboy makes another familiar appearance on the top thinkers. Because he lives on the other side of the planet from me, even his Singapore staycation looks pretty darn exotic. He took the family out to Marina Bay Sands and it looks positively gorgeous there. I guess he might say the same if he decided to visit Banff or Whistler. Local tourism is great!

Used tires is run by some guy named Jean and it’s really a blog about used tires. Talk about a micro niche! Some people might wonder whether it’s good to buy used tires or not. While buying new is probably ideal, a used tire with more tread that your current set of rubber might not be such a bad idea at the right price. When you’re done, you can make a tire swing for the kids too.

Textbook rentals offers a service where you can rent textbooks for the school year or buy them at a discounted price. I wish these kinds of services existed when I was going through university. I definitely spent more than $7.80 on The Domestic Assault of Women for my Forensic Psychology class. Side note: Author and professor Don Dutton has some very interesting research if you’re into that kind of thing.

Book buy back offers a competing service at It is here that you can rent textbooks, sure, but you can also sell back your old ones too. They’ll give you free shipping via USPS as well. Rather than buy Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology for $112.50, you can rent it for sixty days for $33.09. Or if you already bought it, you can sell it back. Too bad my textbooks are over five years old. I probably can’t sell them back anymore.