“I reject the idea there are just two sides. I think that with the amount of ideas and thoughts there are, it’s not even going to be consistent with the same person. People can hold liberal and conservative dogma points at the same time. They’re not living their lives via platforms. They’re living their lives. The whole thing is an awfully tired construct.”

All too often, we are led to view the world as if it were black and white. You either fit into category A or you fit into category B. You’re either a Democrat or you’re a Republican. You’re either rich or you’re poor. Well, the world isn’t quite so neat and tidy; most things exist on a spectrum and very few people fall into either extreme. Even when they do, they could fall into different extremes on different scales.

That’s fundamentally the crux behind the quote from Daily Show host Jon Stewart above. It’s a sentiment that is echoed by folks like Marty Beckerman, reminding us that the vast majority of people fall somewhere in the middle of any given spectrum. You may have so-called liberal views on some issues and conservative views on other issues. That’s just how we are and that’s what makes it great to live in a democracy.

And that’s probably why Jon Stewart and the rest of the people from the Daily Show are hosting the Rally to Restore Sanity. Just because the people at the extreme ends of the political spectrum happen to have the loudest voices doesn’t mean that the moderates should go ignored. Realistically, most people are much closer to the center than they are to either extreme wing. And “And/Or Fear” part of the equation, courtesy of Stephen Colbert, makes for some good comic relief too.

Stewart may not be hosting the Tonight Show, but perhaps that is for the best. It is through cable, ironically enough, that he and his staff of writers could be making the biggest impact (and providing the most entertainment value). After all, they’ve already followed up on their book on America, broadening the scope for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents Earth. You know, because they know everything.

I think I identify with people with Jon Stewart to a certain extent, especially when it comes to quotes like this one:

“Insomnia is my greatest inspiration.”

Some of my best ideas seem to come to me as I toss and turn, struggling to fall asleep. That’s why I keep a notepad close at hand. It’s just the sane thing to do.