Protect Your BlackBerry with WesWare Online

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Some people may disagree, but it seems that cell phones have become a necessity for just about anyone who wants to stay connected in the modern world. Smartphones have also quickly risen in popularity, extending well beyond the business realm where they were once confined. As such, average consumers have smartphones too.

When you’re spending up to hundreds of dollars on a smartphone, you really should be spending a little more to protect it too. Catering to a very specific market is WesWare Online, an e-retailer that supplies a wide range of BlackBerry cases and skins for a number of different models.

The site focuses exclusively on BlackBerry devices, so you won’t find any cases for your Android smartphone, Apple iPhone, or Nokia device. Many corporate users have BlackBerry devices, but regular consumers like them too. That’s why the cases span from super conservative to very eccentric.

Protect Your BlackBerry with WesWare Online

For instance, the Freaknik case is pretty loud. You could say that it shows off a little bit of urban flair (or whatever you want to call it) and it won’t be the style that is suitable for everyone. Because the skins and cases are quite varied, though, you’re bound to find something that is more in line with your tastes.

Most cases on the site are only about $12 or so and they offer a flat shipping charge of $2.50. This is regardless of the number of cases in your order. For United States deliveries, you can expect shipping to take between two and five days, whereas Canadian deliveries take between seven and fifteen days. From what I can tell, WesWare will not ship internationally.

Yes, you could just as easily go to eBay or any number of other online marketplaces to find your BlackBerry case, but WesWare is a pretty good bet too. They offer some bigger brands in the realm and the prices are definitely reasonable. If you need a BlackBerry case or skin, give WesWare a visit and see if anything catches your eye.