If you’ve been keeping up with the updates on both the official Dot Com Pho website and Twitter account, then you’ll know that I posted a very special Dot Com Pho public service announcement earlier this week.

Some people may assume that since John Chow no longer lives in Vancouver that the weekly gatherings have come to an end. That’s definitely not the case! I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m taking over the reigns, but I do want to see our weekly lunches continue whether or not John is in town.

I attend Dot Com Pho not only for the networking opportunities, but also for the candid discussion that we can have about just about anything. One moment we could be talking about the iPhone 4 shortage and the next we’re discussing the real estate market in Vancouver.

So, if you happen to be in Vancouver this Saturday (as happens to be the case with John too this week), feel free to join us for lunch at Happy Pho at 4136 Main Street. We’ll be there from 12:30pm to whenever… we’re known to take three hour lunches sometimes.

P.S. Sorry for the shaky video. I was walking and talking, after all.