Freelance Writing Explained with Alan Creffield

As you probably already know, I’ve been making my career as a work-from-home freelance writer for a few years now. The vast majority of my business has come by way of word of mouth referrals and “word of mouse” marketing. I recently continued these efforts by accepting an interview request from Alan Creffield.

Alan approached me with a simple and pleasant email, asking if I would like to participate in a half-hour interview regarding my career as a freelancer and any tips I can provide starting freelancers, particularly when it comes to writing press releases professionally.

Press releases are among the several different writing services that I offer and I suppose it was the one that caught Creffield’s eye. The (audio) interview has now been posted on Alan’s site at Freelance Writing Explained. You’ll need to download the MP3 file locally, as it has not been set up for online streaming.

This interview follows up on some of the content that I have posted over the years, both here on Beyond the Rhetoric and on the many sites that have featured my writing. For instance, you might remember my post on how to write a killer review. Appropriately enough, my interview with Alan’s colleague has been posted as “Writing a Killer Press Release with Michael Kwan.”

I am both honored and humbled by some of the titles bestowed upon me over the course of my freelance writing career. I’ve been called a pro blogger; I’ve been promoted as a featured speaker; and now I’m being called an expert in the area of writing press releases.

Thanks, Alan, for the opportunity. Do let me know if anything else becomes of the interview we conducted. Also, don’t hesitate to contact me if you need some writing work done. It is what I do, after all. 🙂