It’s time once again to go on a tour of the blogosphere. I do this every Wednesday, sharing some different blog posts that I found on the Internet. If you want to be featured in a future speedlink, I suggest that you message me on Twitter or use the contact form to send me your links on Tuesday evenings. Cheers!

Kat Arney starts us off with a very important lesson in Internet research. You should not rely solely on Wikipedia as source material. Otherwise, you might end up writing about the Wanky Balls Festival. Wikipedia is usually reasonably reliable, but you should double-check your info against other sources to make sure.

Bernie Yee takes us for a stroll down memory lane, eliciting all sorts of nostalgic feelings about his yellow Lego table. There are always these special objects from our childhood that we wish we still had in our possession, if only for memory’s sake. We may be viewing them through rose-tinted glasses, but that’s okay.

Christine Tang, which some of you may know better as Yushimi, can be a little deceiving. Believe it or not, she could really be a geek at heart and an emo one at that. Check out her picture with Starcraft II and how she chooses to describe the different characters in the popular real-time strategy game. Would you refer to the Zerglings as Froggies?

Jennie Yuen recently spent some time at the Powell Street Festival in Vancouver. Our city is known to celebrate its diversity and this festival is no exception, highlighting Japanese Canadian culture and heritage. She has several photographs of the event to share, so check them out on her blog.

Ed Lau has a very discerning taste in movies, so when he gives a film such a heavy recommendation, it’s worth noting. That’s exactly what happened with his Inception review. That’s because he gave the Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page vehicle an impressive ten out of ten. I haven’t seen it yet. Is it really that good?