Can Someone Teach Me How to Relax?

Yes, I realize this is a somewhat strange request and that it is almost a rhetorical question, but just bear with me for a few moments. It seems that both I and Colin Dean are afflicted with the same condition: we don’t know how to relax. We just can’t do it. While it may appear that nothing be simpler, it’s actually quite the challenge.

Allow me to explain. When I am sitting in front of my computer over the course of a standard work day, I am occupied with writing articles, editing images, replying to emails, updating social media accounts and so forth. Some of the time isn’t completely productive, as I can get distracted with Facebook and YouTube like anyone else, but my time is occupied by doing something.

When it comes to leisure time, as would be the case with a long weekend, I feel compelled to continue doing something. Again, this isn’t necessarily to say that I feel the urge to be productive with something related to work (though that is sometimes part of it). I can sit in front of the television and play video games. I can make another attempt at the Grouse Grind. As long as I’m doing something, the situation isn’t so bad.

It gets somewhat troublesome, however, when there is an “empty” time slot in there. During this time, it is probably in my best interest to relax, unwind, and do nothing. Just vegetate and allow the internal batteries to recharge. Just swing around in a hammock overlooking the sunset like the person in the image above. The problem is that I can’t do that. I simply cannot convince my mind to go blank.

Interestingly enough, this issue has very little to do with work ethic or my sleep-wake schedule. It’s more about being able to do nothing. I grow restless. This probably also explains why I’ll oftentimes have trouble falling asleep (with my mind still running a mile a minute), but very little trouble staying asleep.

What are your thoughts? Are you afflicted with the same condition? Do you have suggestions on how to relax completely? I’m starting to think that an absolute escape to somewhere a little more remote could “reset the system” in such a way that I can do nothing.