Every Wednesday, I gather a handful of blog posts to share with the Beyond the Rhetoric community. Today, we have quite the eclectic collection, ranging from the business of freelancing to how you can maintain a positive attitude. Enjoy!

RT Cunningham usually takes care of the most of the writing on his own blog, but he is also open to guest articles too. Just follow his guidelines and you just may be published on Untwisted Vortex. On a side note, I accept guest submissions for posting on Beyond the Rhetoric as well.

Tim Wasson has a special post up on Freelance Folder describing how to plan a long vacation from freelancing. Since you can work anytime and anywhere, it can sometimes to be tough to unplug from the matrix. However, so long as you take care of your commitments and plan accordingly, it is possible to take a break from freelancing.

Raul Pacheco was very hesitant to join Facebook in the first place, but as a social media enthusiast, he couldn’t resist forever. At the same time, he does have his concerns over Facebook privacy and how our online information will be handled in the future.

Brenda Hineman is a freelance writer focusing mostly on movies and costuming. As such, she knows about the importance of the hook and the power of the first sentence. You need to capture the attention of your audience quickly or else they’ll just move on.

The Simple Dollar finishes off this speedlink with a conversation on the benefits of a positive attitude and five tactics you can do to maintain such an outlook on life. Remember that the cup is half full, not half empty… and you can always top it up yourself!