Two of the best ways you can spend your money is on good food and on good travel. I have been lucky enough to indulge in both of these adventures during my current trip in Taiwan. As you may already know, I’m here to cover Computex Taipei (a technology-geared trade show), but I’m also here to do the tourist thing too.

I’ve already given you a brief tour of our hotel room at the Agora Garden, but how have I been eating? During the actual Computex conference itself, most meals have been covered by press parties and the like. Now that the conference is over (I’m still here for a few more days to cover two other things), we’re on our own when it comes to food.

We haven’t had the opportunity to dine again at Modern Toilet yet, but that doesn’t mean we’re not having fun! In the video below, you can see what we had for dinner on two of our nights here in Taipei.

The first is at an all-you-can eat hot pot and barbecue house that, from what we can tell, is called Master. Stephen and I are joined by Matt Homan of TechWareLabs for that one. In the second half of the video, Stephen and I hold a mini Dot Com Pho at the pho restaurant in the Eslite building near our hotel.

You’ll notice that this video is called Taipei Food Adventures Part One. Since we’re here for a few more days, there’s a good chance that I’ll have some more pictures or maybe another video to show off more fine and casual dining in Taiwan. Enjoy!