I'm a Featured Speaker at Freelance Camp

Writing this book with John Chow seems to be opening up some opportunities that may not have otherwise availed themselves to me. Even if it doesn’t end up making me much in terms of money, it does seem to add some legitimacy to my name when I can say that I’m a published author and not “just” a web writer.

To this end, John and I have been invited to speak at Freelance Camp Vancouver this Saturday. We will be the featured speakers during lunch, so just about every attendee will be listening to what we have to say. For the rest of the unconference, people will be breaking out into different sessions, so you don’t get the entire audience.

Our topic for the lunch talk is how freelancers can make additional or passive income from blogging. This can be great for when you need to fill in the gaps between clients, but it can also provide all sorts of other benefits during busier times too. If you’re a freelancer and you already have a website, it pays to add a blog to the mix. You can enjoy some extra branding, exposure, and advertising revenue.

If you’re attending Freelance Camp Vancouver this Saturday (at the Network Hub), do come by to say hello to me and John. Also, we’re totally open to any suggestions or questions you may have in regards to our lunch time talk. I don’t think we’re going in with anything that even remotely resembles a script; it’ll be 99% spontaneous and ad-libbed.

I’ll do my best to attend some of the other sessions that day too, since I still have lots to learn from other freelancers. Someone will probably propose a session on organization and another session on how to approach the business of freelancing. All good stuff.

See you on Saturday! Wish me luck!

P.S. The Twitter account for Freelance Camp Vancouver is @604freelancers and the hashtag for the day is #604freelancecamp.