On the Line with John Chow and Joseph Planta

This is far from the first time that I have been interviewed by Joseph Planta of The Commentary, but this is the first time that I actually had a product to promote! You might remember the interview we had last year, but that was almost a casual chat with a long time friend.

This time around, Joseph interviews both me and John Chow, giving us the opportunity to talk about Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul. As you know this is the published book that I co-wrote with John and this interview is another arm of our marketing efforts for the book.

Over the course of the interview, we discuss all sorts of topics related to the art and business of making money as a blogger. We talk about how blogging compares to traditional media, how John came to be known as the root of all evil, and even how John and I first met at Dot Com Pho.

If you have about 18 minutes of your life to spare, I suggest you head on over to The Commentary and listen to our “On the Line” interview. It can be streamed in-browser or you hit the download link to grab the MP3 file for later listening.