Two Things That Make Everything Better - Bacon and Cinnamon

I was having sushi with some friends a few days back when Susanne mentioned that I like having bacon bits in my California rolls. The other people at the table thought it was a little strange to include a topping normally associated with Caesar salads and baked potatoes, but I argued that bacon made everything better.

Shortly after making that declaration, I made a minor correction. It’s not really fair to say that bacon makes everything better, because there are many circumstances that would be better served with cinnamon. With this revised statement, I posit to you that bacon and cinnamon are the two things that make just about everything better.

Think about that for a moment. If you’re baking a cake (or just about any other baked good, for that matter), it sure tastes a lot better when you put in just a dash of cinnamon. The same can be said about a latte or cappuccino. Top it off with a few sprinkles of cinnamon and it’s just so much better.

And who can deny the appeal of bacon? Yes, I know that the fatty pork strips probably aren’t the best thing for your health, but they’re positively delicious. You can put them on a burger, you can have them for breakfast, or you can have them in sushi too, even in “bit” form. From bacon-wrapped scallops to bacon-wrapped filet mignon, that extra savory flavor really can hit the spot.

Yes, I realize that today’s post is a little outside the scope of the usual Beyond the Rhetoric topic range, but bacon and cinnamon deserve that kind of attention. Thanks goes out to Michelle for encouraging me to write on this very important subject. Here’s to good eating! 🙂