Sunday Snippet: 1500 Blog Posts

“If you want something done right, let Michael Kwan do it.”

Today marks a major milestone for Beyond the Rhetoric. As you can probably glean from the title, this is the 1,500th post on this blog. That’s a lot of writing and this blog really has changed substantially over the course of those 1,500 blog posts. The design has changed, many of the readers have changed, and some of the subject matter has also changed.

In the last four years, I’ve written on a variety of topics. I’ve dabbled in the history of Chinese Vancouver, describing how the local culture has changed in the last couple of decades. I’ve discussed the motivation issues that concern work-at-home professionals. And I’ve tried my best to improve your grammar skills.

So, what does this have to do with the quote above? It comes from self-described dot com mogul John Chow and he provides you with some pretty valuable advice there! He practices what he preaches, because he enlisted my services to co-write a book. You can find the book available on Amazon, seeing how the official release date was yesterday. That’s another major milestone for me, since it’s the first time I’ve written a traditionally published book.

I’d like to thank all of you for the support (and feedback) you have given me over the years and for support that I hope you’ll continue to provide in the years ahead. I don’t make much money from this blog, so it’s definitely a labour of love. I’m looking forward to writing (at least) 1,500 more posts.