The "Some Say" Contest for Cool Stuff

You might have noticed the hint I dropped on the BTR Facebook group a while ago. I’ve been meaning to host another contest on Beyond the Rhetoric for some time and, well, they say there is no time like the present. The last time I gave away a prize pack would have been for my CES swag contest, so this day has been a little overdue.

As you may already know, one of my favorite television shows is Top Gear, even though the BBC program doesn’t air through regular cable here in Canada (I think it’s on BBC Canada, but I don’t have that channel). It’s a great show about cars and the people who drive them, but the hosts and other on-screen personalities are really what make Top Gear so entertaining.

One of the stars never says a word, but he is easily the most iconic figure on the show: The Stig. He’s the professional driver of unknown origin. As such, Jeremy Clarkson typically introduces him by “offering humorous speculations as to his identity.” The “Some Say” segment can be very funny and you can find some examples on YouTube. And that’s basically how you enter this contest.

How Do I Enter?

Come up with your best “Some Say” line and submit it through the comment form on this blog post. It has to be funny, but it doesn’t have to do anything with cars or Top Gear specifically. Try to keep it PG, since I want this blog to stay relatively family friendly.

Here’s an example:

“Some say he once auditioned for Dancing with the Stars… and emerged as the Celebrity Apprentice.”

Be as creative as you’d like. The winner will be judged based on humor and originality, but you have to adhere to the formula: “Some say he [fill in the blank] and [fill in the blank].”

What Can I Win?

The three items shown at the top of this post are up for grabs and will go to a single winner. The prize package includes Friends with Benefits by Darren Barefoot and Julie Szabo, a Technocel PowerPak universal portable battery and charger, and an iSkin Cerulean RX stereo Bluetooth adapter.

The total value of this prize package is about $150.

Anything Else I Should Know?

The contest is open for exactly one week and I will be announcing the winner next Thursday, April 15, 2010. Anyone in the world with reasonable access to postal service is eligible, but know that international shipments can take quite a bit of time. The decision is final and ultimately mine to make, but I may solicit opinions from the Twitter and Facebook communities.

Good luck!