Normally, I take some time to thank the top thinkers each month. Unfortunately, I neglected to grab a screenshot on Sunday night due to my computer woes. Based on what I remember, many of the usual suspects made the cut again, so I thought I could go back to a regular speedlink today instead. Enjoy.

Buzz Bishop moved to Calgary to take on a new job, but we thought he was going there for a radio gig. As it turns out, he has mall cop ambitions and he’s a Segway-mounted mall cop no less. Well, that’s not completely true, but it seems like he and Zacharie had a ball at CrossIron Mills either way.

Growing Happiness tells us about a movie that was based on a true story. Over in Japan, there was a dog that would wait for his owner’s return at the train station every day. Hachi the Dog kept waiting, even when the owner stopped showing up and the city adopted the adorable Akita. The story has now been westernized with Richard Gere. Go figure.

NC Winters offers the latest edition of his Freelance Freedom web comic. In it, he reminds us that no matter how much productivity software we purchase and how many organizational tools we acquire, they don’t mean anything if you don’t use them. Is your tax software still in the box?

Tim Bray has a very comprehensive retrospective on the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. He talks about how the overall appearance of the city changed, how the atmosphere changed with the arrival of the torch, how the Vectorial Elevation changed the night sky, and how the Norwegian curling team changed the pants of curling forever.

Ben Spark demonstrates why good blogging is like good standup. If you take a look at some good standup comics, like George Carlin or Jerry Seinfeld, you’ll notice that they’d also make very good bloggers. They’ve got timing, they ask questions, and they’re able to tap into public opinion. That sounds like a good blogger to me!