They say that if you smile more, even if you don’t feel like smiling, your mood will soon follow. The search for happiness can be a difficult one, but it’s one that is well worth pursuing. Go out there, have some fun, and put a smile back on that face. That’s the theme of today’s speedlink, so sit back and enjoy yourself.

Ed Lau starts us off with one of the happiest people at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Affectionately referred to as “Giggles” by some of the Internet, Maelle Ricker brought a gold medal home to Canada in snowboard cross. The great thing is that she’s actually from North Vancouver, so she won her medal mere minutes away from her home!

Stephen Fung continues with the Olympic coverage, but not of any athletes or sporting events. Instead, he was at a medal ceremony to watch Theory of a Deadman rock BC Place Stadium. I caught one of their concerts a few years ago and, yes, this band is pretty much Nickelback 2.0. Either way, the tickets were only $22. Good deal!

Betshopboy offers us a sneak peek at Universal Studios Singapore. It seems that country is getting loaded with lots of new attractions, because it recently opened its first casino as well. Over at Universal Singapore, you can expect areas modeled after Hollywood, Far Far Away (Shrek), Ancient Egypt, and more. Theme parks are always so much fun!

Wil Wheaton, who you may remember as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation, is actually a very active celebrity blogger. He made a great guest appearance on Big Bang Theory some time ago and now it has been confirmed that he’s going back for another appearance. Geeks of the world rejoice! Sheldon has a chance at redemption.

John Grohol has a fascinating piece on the nature of happiness. More specifically, it has been shown that going on vacation doesn’t make you happier, at least from a correlational standpoint. Experiences trump material gifts, but it seems that the planning and anticipation of a vacation brings more happiness than the vacation itself.