Sunday Snippet: Sidney Crosby

“I’ve always had a passion for hockey, … That’s the key. You can’t be putting in time. You have to enjoy doing what you do.”

Someone once said that if something isn’t fun, then it isn’t worth doing. While I wouldn’t quite go that far with a life philosophy, I do feel that it is important for us to do the things that we enjoy. Life is too short to waste away your years that way and that’s why it is ideal if you can take your hobbies or interests and translate them into a viable career.

Yes, you will still have days that are filled with frustration and challenging times. However, the person who chooses a career related to his passion will find a greater number of moments that make it all worth it. It can be argued that you don’t have to separate work from play, and this is best evidenced by athletes like Sidney Crosby.

He is passionate about his sport. He loves playing the game and he lives for the thrill of the competition. That’s why he is always among the top of the fantasy hockey standings and that’s why he is widely regarded as a leader on Team Canada. He may be one of the younger players in the locker room, but he is already becoming an Olympic icon. It’s because you can see that he cares. It’s because you can see that he truly loves his sport.

Sidney Crosby is handsomely compensated for his skills on the ice, but what about the other Olympic athletes who aren’t household names? These are the folks who don’t have that superstar level income, yet they still display that incredible spark. Canadian gold medalists like Alexandre Bilodeau and Maelle Ricker truly love what they do and they’re great at it. As Sid the Kid says, you have to enjoy what you do.

The choice between success and happiness is simple: pick both.