Every Wednesday, we go on a brief tour of the blogosphere to highlight some of the best posts of the Internet. Beyond the Rhetoric isn’t just a soap box for my thoughts, so I do this every week to encourage some more conversation with other like-minded individuals. If you want to be featured in a future speedlink, be sure to follow me on Twitter and send your link on Tuesday evening. Away we go!

Frances Bula has noticed two groups of people in Vancouver: those who have great access to venues and everyone else. For the latter group, which is clearly the majority, Frances wonders if there is enough entertainment for a city full of Olympic visitors to do. What has your experience been?

Tyler Cruz is ready to move beyond condo-living and into a fully detached single house of his own. He made this decision some time back, so now he is providing us with a house-hunting update. Wow, prices for some great homes in Nanaimo are quite a bit lower than equivalent homes in Vancouver!

Robin Bal of Fortune Watch gives us a very important reminder. We should all stop pretending like a millionaire and start living like one. Contrary to popular belief, millionaires do not own the majority of luxury cars and they typically get $16 hair cuts. They’re rich because they know the value of a dollar.

Claudia Olivas got buried in the snow and didn’t have an opportunity to visit her students in person. So, she decided to teach them online with a face-drawing video tutorial. If you want to know how to draw portraits, you’ll want to watch her free YouTube video.

John Grohol examines the phenomenon of the sleep-deprived teen, saying that they’re not getting enough rest nor are they getting enough morning sunlight. Both of these are important to natural functioning and this phenomenon has easily carried through to college students and, dare I say it, work-at-home professionals too. Are you getting enough sleep?