Work-at-Home Pros Need Vacations Too

One of the most popular reasons why people choose to go into business for themselves in the first place is that they feel it will provide them with a greater sense of freedom. There’s a common perception out there that work-at-home professionals only work “when they want to work,” because they’re not bound to the typical 9-to-5 schedule.

Freedom and Responsibility

While it may be true that freelancers and other people who work from home have greater flexibility for their schedules, many often find themselves burning the midnight oil and putting in many more hours than they had initially expected. In order to avoid burnout, these individuals should take a closer look at their work-life balance. Are you taking enough breaks? Do you have breathing room?

Unless you have a good passive income system in place, there’s a good chance that you are not earning a lot of money unless you are actually working. As a result, many of these work-at-home professionals forgo the typical vacation time enjoyed by some of their more conventional counterparts. This has two very important ramifications.

Paid Vacation Time?

Most companies will provide their full-time employees with two or more weeks of paid vacation each year. Since you probably can’t charge your clients for projects when you’re not working, this “missed time” needs to be factored into your quoted rate. By having a slightly higher hourly rate, you can better afford to take that much needed vacation time.

Second, it can sometimes be difficult for freelancers and other similar professionals to take two full consecutive weeks as vacation, especially if they have ongoing obligations with certain clients. This does not mean that they should skip their much-needed vacation completely. Instead, you must prepare for your vacations accordingly. Also, it may be easier to take several short holidays rather than one long one.

Keeping It Short and Sweet

These shorter mini-vacations can be at attractions closer to your hometown or they can be a little further away. Alternatively, you may consider work-related vacation time. Is there a conference or trade show that you’d like to attend? After your conference-related responsibilities are fulfilled, you can have a little vacation time in the city you are visiting. That’s how I am able to go to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show, for instance.

Just because you work from home does not mean that you are forbidden to get some well-deserved rest. Take a vacation. You need it.