As I recover from my trip to Las Vegas, it’s time to come back home to the blogosphere I know and love. Here are a few good reads to help you get over hump day too.

Buzz Bishop, believe it or not, is turning the big four-oh in a couple of short weeks. To celebrate this major milestone in his life, he’s looking to raise money for Team Diabetes. He’s urging you to be one of the 40 people to donate $40 for his 40th year on this planet.

Justine Ezarik has put together a series of YouTube videos chronicling her CES adventure. If you fast-forward to the 3:00 mark in the PC Charity Race video, you’ll see someone walk by, ever so briefly, in a striped green shirt. Recognize him? Yup, that’s me. You can see Stephen in that video too.

John Biehler wasn’t able to get official media accreditation for the 2010 Winter Olympics, but he will still be around for the Olympic Games when they kick off in Vancouver next month. He doesn’t have any event tickets either, but he plans on attending the many ancillary events that will be taking place in and around the city. Expect to see plenty of shots on his Flickr photostream.

Thursday Bram is a highly respected freelance writer. She and I share much of the same perspective, because she too knows of the importance of breaking up your routine from time to time. You don’t want to get into a funk because you’re staring at the same four walls each and every day. Get out there. Make a trip. Do something different.

Shelly Tucker received a fascinatingly handsome gift from her beloved husband. It’s a bowl of hands. While I think that it creeps me out a little, not unlike many of those Satanic movies put out by Hollywood, Shelly loves it. For some reason or another, she collects hands and hand-related products. It doesn’t get much more hand-some than this!