Even though I’ve been to Las Vegas more than a half dozen times, there is always something new to see each time I visit. In like manner, there is always something new to learn when you head on over to Sin City as well, so here are a few things that I learned during the last week or so.

Aria Hotel Rescued by Dubai

Before I came here, I knew that the City Center project was more or less complete and the Aria hotel was formally open for business. It’s an incredibly large hotel, shopping mall, casino, and resort that sits in between the Bellagio and Monte Carlo.

I also knew that they ran out of funding and the project was put on hold for quite some time. What I didn’t know is that they found out after building about 30 floors of the project that the foundation was faulty and had to be redone. I also didn’t know that investors from Dubai were the ones who provided the money to do so.

Not All Wi-Fi Made Alike

Last year, we stayed over at the Wynn Encore. It was a fantastic room with plenty of high-end finishings and details, but the in-room Wi-Fi was spotty at best. We received intermittent service and it was anything but usable, despite showing a strong signal throughout.

This year, we downgraded to Harrah’s, which is in between Imperial Palace and Venetian. It’s anything but a premium hotel, but the in-room Internet seemed just fine. I didn’t use it myself, but Stephen did for one day and he seemed perfectly happy with it.

On a side note, Denny’s Restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip offered free Wi-Fi last year, but it no longer has this feature. We had breakfast there one morning and I brought my laptop, only to discover that I had no Internet to go with my bacon and eggs.

One Week Is Much Too Long

As mentioned, this is far from my first time coming to Las Vegas, but all of my trips have been about three or four days in duration. I think the longest I’ve been in Vegas is about five days.

For this trip, I flew in on a Tuesday evening and flew out on a Tuesday morning. That’s one whole week and it feels so much longer than it should. Don’t get me wrong: Las Vegas is a great tourist destination, but it starts to lose its appeal after such a big dose at a time. I enjoy gambling, alcohol, and over-the-top grandeur as much as the next guy, but there is a limit.

I’ll be back next year, but I’ve learned not to stay for a week at a time for sure. See you again in about 360 days or so, Sin City.